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Urban Stamp 1.jpg

Urban Stamp

Oil on canvas

60cm x 60 cm

Colour and landscape are so intertwined. The way that environment reacts and responds to the light and the natural landscape create emotional responses. This piece is part of a series that are my own response to some of those places and colours. The city can be a place of sanctuary and also a place of uncertainty and loneliness. The flowing glory of reds and golds in the sky is interrupted by the lines of the city, stark but with a element of drawing you towards it. It asserts itself on the landscape and seeks to dominate it.

There are some beauitufl flowing colours in this piece. Stunning reds that you can move with and a city created with layers of lime wax impasto which - as is my style - moves in the light and appears to take on a life of its own.

This canvas is a statement piece which would work really well somewhere that needs some colour and emotion injecting into the space.

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