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oil paintings

My inspirations

How we individually travel through our lives, the things that trip us up and move us on.  

I want people to feel like they can be transported into my paintings and move around inside them.  They draw you in and force you to create your own journey.  

The tools I use


All of my canvas is exhibition grade and of beautiful quality, with excellent standard linens. The stretcher bars are kiln-dried, finger-jointed and triple laminated, eliminating the risk of any twisting, warping, expanding or contracting of the wood over time. They are made from 100% PEFC Certified pine.


I paint in oils, with many layers - sometimes up to 25.  This creates the feeling of depth and changes in light which are central to my work.  I also use a lot of impasto, via a range of mediums from beeswax to impasto paste to thick paint.


I love to use Sennelier oils, which uses pure pigments that are ground very slowly to an extra-fine consistency. These paints were originally produced for and favoured by the Impressionist painters who frequented the Sennelier store in the 19th century. 


I can use anything from hog hair brushes to kitchen towels to fingers for this!  Depends on the effect I want and the way the painting is taking me forward - also what is to hand!

New paintings

My Happy Place

Peace in Turmoil

Rock Pools.jpg

The Blue Series


Untitled design-16.png
Untitled design-3.jpg

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