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Hey, welcome to my site.

I live with my totally brilliant wife Liz in Brighton, which has been home for more

than 20 years.

Having lived in London, Nottingham, the Middle East and Greece, the one thing that

always feels like home is to be near the ocean.

I've had a fair few ups and downs in life, like most of us, and although I am generally a very happy soul, my paintings often reflect the variety of sad, hopeless emotions we all encounter in life. The ones that have a profound impact on us, the ones that never really go away.  As someone who massively values life, love and the sheer power of the world around us, my work seeks to reflect how we as individuals are so linked to each other and our stunning planet.  We are all equals.  Money, looks, social position are utterly meaningless in reality.  

I have exhibited twice over the years and sold some commissions.  It is only lately that I have re-found my passion for painting.  It's often in turbulent times that creativity comes to the forefront, isn't it.

The smell of oil paint literally brings a smile to my face.  I love the amount of layers and emotion you can get onto a canvas with them.  Like all of us I and my painting are a work in progress,  But that's the point eh - the journey.


Susi Painting 003.jpg
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